Where Do Clothes Moths Come From?

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Noticed small holes in your clothes or moths in your closet or drawers? These are likely clothes moths. Learn how to help prevent them and what attracts them.

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Apr 3, 2018 … If clothes moths (or their larvae) are chomping through your best … He ignored it, reasoning it had come into his apartment from the … Killing all the flying moths won't solve the problem because it's their babies that do the …

Complete Life Cycle of Clothes Moth on a Wool Rug Tineola bisselliella, known as the common clothes moth, webbing clothes moth, or simply … Unlike the caterpillars, the adult moths do not feed: they acquire all of the nutrition and moisture they need while in the larval stage, and once they …

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Clothes moth adults do not feed so they cause no injury to fabrics. … Infestations may also originate from bird nests or animal carcasses present in attics, …