Amazing Pest Facts You Never Knew

Protect Your Warehouse From These Common Pests Formosan Termites Termite Colony. The subterranean termite colony is thought by some to function as a "super-organism," which means individual worker and soldier termites or groups of … formosan termite treatment and control. formosan termites are controlled by the same methods as Drywood Termites when they are in wood not in contact with the ground.

17 Jaw-Dropping Facts You Didn't Know About the Human Body Eight Fascinating Facts You Never Knew about Mice … common, you may think you already know all there is to know about this household pest, but think again!

Overwintering Pests Any young plants i.e Summer cuttings or last minute bought plants are treat differently. These still usually have quite soft growth, so a light trimming all round is done and all the leaves are left on. Protect Your Warehouse From These common pests formosan termites termite Colony. The subterranean termite colony is thought by some

Some useful and strange information about pests just for you, such as a cockroach … The Africanized Honey Bee (a.k.a. “killer bee”) has been known to chase …

Jan 13, 2014 … Did you know an American Cockroach can run 4 times faster than a cheetah? Check out these pest facts that are sure to amaze you!

Apr 9, 2018 … Would you win a game of bug-inspired trivia? Here are some fun facts about bugs that you probably didn't know on the Apple Pest Control blog.

Bees Causing A Buzz Before Summer Arrives Sep 30, 2010 … You've managed your honey bee colonies all spring and summer with no problem. … Queenlessness is frequently a cause of feisty bees. … Before long, wasps and yellow jackets have arrived on the scene to collect …… Bees are buzzing everywhere, but the supers and brood boxes are not being filled